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Patio Furniture, Materials And Maintenance: Best Choices

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Even though aesthetics are certainly essential when picking patio furniture, material choice and maintenance are equally important. It doesn't matter how stylish your set starts out looking, if it doesn't stay that way over time. Selecting durable, easy-to-clean outdoor furniture can keep your yard looking its best for years instead of just on season.


Outdoor furniture that is made out of aluminum is typically durable and easy to keep clean. The majority of pieces available at patio furniture stores are made at least partially from this material. Not only is aluminum a snap to keep clean, but it is also lightweight in comparison to a metal such as cast iron.

While it isn't heavy, this material is durable. Finished aluminum won't rust, dry-out, crack or fade. A powder-coated finish gives this type of outdoor furniture a stylish color and keeps it from oxidizing when exposed to the elements.


Populating your patio with plastic furniture may not give it the same sleek look that aluminum does, but is easy to keep clean. If low-maintenance and low-cost are your goals when choosing an outdoor set, plastic is a top option.

Although it's not as long-lasting as a metal, plastic patio sets are easy to care for. A simple spray of water from your garden hose periodically will keep the chairs and tables looking fresh and grime-free all summer long.

Heavy Metals

Steel and wrought iron are the materials that you'll want to choose if you're looking to invest in long-term, nigh-quality pieces. While these types are more costly than a less-sturdy material such as plastic, they will endure summer after summer.

The primary issue with heavy metal furniture is the chance of rust. That said, you can prevent oxidization and keep rust at bay.  Paint or a powder coating will help to keep a steel or iron patio piece from developing rust, according to Consumer Reports. If you still have concerns about rust issues, a plastic cover during rainy days is an easy protection option.


Plant-based patio furniture provides a rustic look to your yard. Teak is a popular wood used for outdoor pieces. Exposure to the weather turns it a gray color. This gives it a shabby chic appearance. An annual coating of oil will help to keep your teak its natural color.

Without any protection, wood furniture is vulnerable to the elements. This doesn't mean that it's high-maintenance or that you'll have to replace it often. To keep your wood from rain rot, Good Housekeeping magazine suggests using a paint or sealant.

Before you start shopping for outdoor furniture, consider the pros of each type of material make-up. This includes the weight, durability, ease of care and overall look. Finding the right combination that complements your décor, design and upkeep needs will give you the yard you want without having to worry about constant maintenance. Contact a company like Patio Shoppes of Coral Springs & The Palm Beaches for more information.