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2 Reasons People Love LEGO Toys

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Toys play an important role in helping to shape childhood memories. Since their creation in 1930, LEGO building blocks have provided hours of enjoyment for children across the globe. Their popularity remains intact today, with children spending an estimated 5 billion hours each year playing with these iconic toys.

Here are just a few of the reasons why people love their LEGOs.

1. Adults love LEGOs because they are collectible.

There are few things more exciting that unveiling a new minifigure. These minuscule characters were introduced to the market in 1978, and they help bring LEGO brick creations to life. The fact that some of these minifigures have become quite collectible over the years is a testament to the popularity LEGO enjoys among the adult demographic.

Here are some of the most valuable LEGO minifigures on the market today:

  • Gold Chrome Plated C3PO- Star Wars fans know just how lovable the computerized character of C3PO can be, and this popularity is manifest in the incredible $350 to $450 value placed on the gold chrome plated C3PO minifigure introduced by LEGO in 2007.  
  • Mr. Gold Exclusive- With a value ranging anywhere from $500 to $1,100 the Mr. Gold exclusive minifigure is by far LEGO's most valuable. With only 5,000 of these limited edition minifigures created, anyone lucky enough to get their hands on the top hat and monocle wearing Mr. Gold will likely be reluctant to part with him.

2. Everyone loves the creativity that LEGOs foster.

While most people know that LEGO building blocks can be used to create bridges, castles, and other structures, did you know that these iconic toys can foster creativity in unique ways? People have been using LEGO products to think outside the box for many years.

Here are a few of the more interesting projects that have been completed using LEGO minifigures:

  • Holiday Greeting Cards- Advancements in technology have made it possible for the public to create a custom minifigure in their likeness. This creative freedom has fueled the custom minifigure movement, allowing people to spread their love of LEGOs with others. Holiday greeting cards featuring custom minifigures crafted to look like your family can be created as whimsical gifts.  
  • Life-size replica of a Star Wars X-wing fighter- If you think that LEGO building projects must be limited to your living room, guess again. A life-size replica of an X-wing fighter jet of Star Wars fame was crafted using 5,335,200 individual LEGO building blocks

Investing in the purchase of LEGO building blocks and custom LEGO minifigs allows you to begin enjoying the thrill of becoming a collector. Your purchase could also provide you with the creative inspiration you need to build the next big thing out of these iconic and timeless toys.