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Making Your Proposal Memorable

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You've met that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. You're sure they feel the same way about you. You think it's time to start thinking about popping the big question. Of course, you want it to be a memorable occasion that will be remembered for years to come. A little planning ahead will go a long way towards making your proposal special.

Public or private?

You must take into consideration the personality of your significant other when planning whether to make your proposal a public event that's shared with others or to keep it private. Friends and family enjoy being part of the big moment, but if your loved one is a private person with an introverted personality, a private proposal is probably the way to go. Having others join in the celebration can be fun, but there's nothing like a private proposal for intimacy and romance. However, if your spouse-to-be is a people person, who loves being in the spotlight, planning a public display is best.

Selecting the right ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, it's best to do a little detective work before you head to the nearest jewelry store. An engagement ring will be worn for a long time to come. You want a high quality ring that will stand the test of time. You should only purchase the ring from a reputable jeweler you trust. You must consider what type of ring your significant other likes. You should consider the shape of the diamond as well as the size. Not everyone likes big carats or bulky rings. Smaller diamonds may be preferred. There's nothing like purchasing the wrong ring to ruin your special day. This is easy to prevent when you do a little research and ask some questions. Engagement rings can be expensive. Choose wisely when you invest your money in a ring.

Photographing the special moment

Most photographers are familiar with engagement photo shoots. These can be done whether you have a private or public proposal. You will have to make special arrangements if you're planning a private proposal if you want photos of the actual event. You may want to have the photographer arrive after you pop the question to take photos or even wait until a later date. You can always reenact the event for the photo shoot. In a public event, the photographer can capture the footage live if desired. Again, you should always take into consideration what your special someone would prefer.

Falling in love and deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone special is one of those beautiful moments in life. Planning the perfect proposal is the first step to making cherished memories that will last a lifetime.