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Stay Relaxed And Protect Your Investment - Tips For Maintaining Your Hammock

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If you have purchased your own home, and you're looking for ways to upgrade your outside space, some relaxation furniture is a good place to start. Buying a hammock can be a great way to maximize your space and find some relaxation and can help you enjoy your space to the fullest.

Unfortunately, even the most durable hammocks require some upkeep and maintenance. Many people get frustrated with that upkeep and end up simply buying a new hammock after theirs is damaged, and that can be be very costly. Below, you'll find some tips for hammock upkeep, allowing you to protect your investment and stay relaxed at a moment's notice.


In most areas, the change in the seasons will make you less willing to enjoy the great outdoors. If your temperature is dipping or the weather is getting wetter, you'll likely want to store your outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, many sheds and storage boxes aren't protected from the weather, and can put your purchases at risk.

Your hammock will last the longest if it is stored in a dry area. This prevents the netting from warping as it shrinks and expands in the humidity and prevents mildew from affecting the structural integrity of your hammock. You should fold it carefully and make sure it is stored somewhere that is climate controlled so it is ready to be used as soon as the weather turns.

Removing Mold

Because your hammock will be exposed to the elements even during the most comfortable of seasons, mold and mildew will build up on the ropes. Heat and moisture, combined with a number of hard to reach areas, create an environment that can be difficult to keep clean.

Most hammocks are made of modern synthetic materials that can be easily cleaned through the application of gentle dish soap and warm water. Regularly scrubbing your hammock on occasion will keep it clean and also keep it comfortable, as the odd textures and smells associated with some mold can be somewhat disconcerting.

Spot Cleaning

In some cases, spills, mess from animals, or other random occurrences can leave you with the need to spot clean your hammock. You should be sure to avoid bleach based cleaners so as to prevent discoloration of your hammock. You should also be sure to be diligent about spot cleaning, as permanent stains can decrease from the look of your outdoor setup. Having a reliable, gentle cleaner nearby in case of emergency is a great way to make sure you're protecting your leisure activities.