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Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Flame Resistant Work Clothing

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While there are many hazards in the workplace that are completely outside of your control, there are measures you can take to reduce the chance that you will sustain a work-related injury.  One such step includes wearing flame resistant clothing while you perform your duties.  Flame resistant clothing materials such as modacrylic and wool are designed to quench flames so that if any sparks should happen to touch your clothes, the material will not encourage the spread of the fire.  While the initial investment may be a bit more costly than other material types, use this information to learn more about why you should choose flame resistant work clothing.

Flame Resistant Clothing Could Save Your Life

One of the most critical reasons why you should always choose flame resistant work clothing is because it could save your life.  Regular clothing materials such as cotton or polyester can erupt into uncontrollable flames very quickly.  Even after the initial fire source has been extinguished, these materials may remain engulfed in flames, causing what would have been minor, surface burns to turn into life threatening injuries.

Because flame resistant clothing is self-extinguishing, the flames will be quenched upon contact.  This could prove to be the difference between whether or not you survive a fire.

Flame Resistant Clothes Are Long Lasting

Another key benefit that you will receive when you purchase flame resistant clothing is durability.  Flame resistant materials are tough and long lasting, giving you a great return on your initial investment because of the use that you are able to get out of the clothing.  Rather than choosing traditional materials that wear out relatively quickly, choose flame resistant clothes that can stand the test of time.

Flame Resistant Clothes Play A Critical Role In Insurance Claims

If you do happen to become involved in a workplace fire, the outcome of your worker's compensation insurance claim may hinge upon whether or not you were wearing flame resistant clothing.  Although some people may not be aware of this, insurance companies often look for any reason not to pay out on a claim.  They may ask questions related to what kind of clothing you had on, or if you were wearing slip-resistant shoes.  Your answers to these questions may give them the information they need to deny your claim, leaving you holding the bill.

Wearing flame resistant clothing shows that you were doing everything in your power to minimize your chances of sustaining injury in a fire.  This safety measure can help to substantiate your claim so that there won't be undue delays in you receiving restitution.

You can purchase flame resistant clothing at one of your local industrial uniform stores, or choose one of the many vendors selling the clothing online.  Start wearing flame resistant work clothes today so you can enjoy these benefits and many more.