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Five Important Tips To Keep In Mind When Selling Gold Jewelry

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Do you have gold items that you do not need or plan to ever use again? Perhaps you have old jewelry. You may not think it is worth much especially if it is broken, kinked, or bent. Selling your gold starts with finding a gold buyer. Here are a few tips to apply when you are ready to sell your gold. 

Separate your gold items based on karats. 

Gold is labeled in karats. If you plan to sell items that are different karats, separating them is important. Have them priced-based using the separated categories. Otherwise the buyer may combine the total weight of all of the items, and you may get paid a lower value. For example, keep your 10-karat and 14-karat items separated because their value may not be the same.

Complete a second look prior to trading your items.

Perhaps you inherited your gold from someone. You may also have acquired it from an estate or yard sale. The jewelry may be worth more than the actual gold. For example, some jewelry designers have pieces that are valuable simply because of the designer who made them. There are also some pieces that may be part of limited collections. The appraisal value on these pieces could also be high. Scrapping them for cash could be a big financial mistake. 

Perform a quick value check. 

This can be a quick inquiry. Simply call a gold buyer and ask for the current market price for gold. You may also be able to find this information online. 

Remove precious stones.

If your gold items have precious stones, the buyer may remove them for you. Inquire about whether they will charge you for the stone removals. Some buyers require customers to remove the stones themselves. Jewelers may offer to buy your stones and gold. 

Have realistic expectations.

Some people expect to get more for their gold than they paid for it at a retailer, and others expect to get the same amount they paid. This likely will not occur. Keep in mind that the buyers offer you a price based on the current value of gold, but they also have to take into consideration the efforts they have to make to process the gold and then sell it.

Some people choose to go to gold parties to sell their gold, and others prefer to deal directly with professional gold buyers and jewelers. You will likely get a better offer by dealing directly with a gold buyer, such as Certified Rarities, instead of opting for gold parties. Keep in mind that you are not required to accept any offers, and you can obtain offers from more than one source.