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Oris Watches, Authorized Dealers And Benefits Of Buying From Them

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A watch is amongst the jewellery that most people, even those who are not so fond of jewellery, can comfortably wear. This is obviously because of its time function and its simplicity. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money to get the perfect watch and this is where Oris, the manufacturer of quality Swiss watches comes in.

Finding genuine dealers can be a headache especially since Oris has made many partnerships and spread to many countries something that has led to recruitment of many dealers to aid with distribution. Oris has, however, put measures to ensure customers get authentic watches and all one needs to do is log on to their official site.

Importance of buying Oris watches from authorized dealers.

  • Guarantee that the watch is genuine and there is no chance of purchasing one that is tampered with, spoilt or with low quality parts.
  • The dealers give customers warranty cards, which are used in case the watch develops issues. Original Oris warranty cover lasts several years and the company and its service centers don't service watches that are not accompanied with authorized dealers cards or those that don't have serial numbers.
  • Authorized dealers are able to refer you to other stores if you don't find the watch in their store or order it for you. Customers can be certain that their product will arrive in specified time and their deposit is safe.
  • Having been furnished with information from the manufacturer, these dealers are able to answer your questions and give recommendations making your shopping experience and investment worthwhile.

Oris watch dealers

Potential buyers should visit the company's website and use the store locater, which allows you to find authorized dealers near you by selecting your country and city.

Authorized Oris watch dealers are available in over 100 countries and it's advisable to purchase from them to get variety, full benefits and avoid counterfeit products. One can also use the watch finder in the site to find which dealer has the watch they want prior to visiting the stores.

Some Oris watches

  • Culture watches: Oris artelier, Oris artix, Oris John Coltrane, Oris Chet Baker and Oris rectangular.
  • Diving watches: Oris ProDiver and Oris Aquis
  • Aviation: Oris air racing edition, Oris Big Crown ProPilot, Oris BC4, Oris BC3 and Oris Big Crown
  • Sport watches: Oris Artix GT, Oris TT3, Oris RAID, Oris William F1 Team and Oris Audi Sport (which was created in honour of the company's partnership with Audi) amongst others.