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Creative Ways To Propose With A Diamond Ring

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If you are going to propose to your significant other, you may want to do so in a creative way that creates an extra-memorable moment for the two of you. This article is full of some creative ways you can ask your loved one to marry you. If you're ready to pop the big question, consider one of the ways offered below:

Go on a tour of your past – One creative way to propose is to take your partner on a date that involves revisiting important places in your relationship. An example would be to visit the place you met, had your first date, had your first kiss, first said "I love you", etc. At the end of the date you can go to your special restaurant and propose during dinner with a beautiful diamond ring.

Propose on the dance floor – Take your partner out for a night of dancing. Have it pre-planned with the DJ for them to play your song at a certain time. During the song, you can propose in the middle of the dance floor and give your partner a big surprise.

Make a video – You can make a video telling the love story of you and your partner. Go into how you met, when you fell in love and include anything else relevant to the two of you. You can tell the story in your video or have others act it out for you. Put the video on the computer and tell your partner to watch it. At the end of the video you can have your proposal included and at the same time the video plays the proposal you will present your partner with the diamond ring.

Propose while having your picture taken – Take your partner on a date and find a good time to ask someone else to take a picture of the two of you. Right before the person takes the picture you can kneel on one knee and present your partner with a diamond ring while proposing to them. The great thing about this is you will also have a picture of the moment you proposed that you can keep forever.

Invite those closest to you – You can have a BBQ and invite the people close to both of you. During the BBQ you can propose to your partner in front of everyone. This is a great way to bring your loved ones in on the special moment and turn a regular BBQ into a celebration.

If you decide to use one of the above ideas for your proposal, you'll have a fun time creating a very special and unforgettable moment for the both of you.