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Seven Spectacular Rentals To Make Your Wedding Shine

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You want your wedding to be a memorable occasion that your guests will enjoy, and you want it to reflect what makes you a special couple. Have a wedding day as unique as you are with these unusual but spectacular rental ideas. 

Food Truck

If you plan to party into the wee hours, delight reception guests with a late night food truck. Foods like tacos, hot dogs, and even cupcakes are more fun when they come out of a kitchen on wheels.

Champagne Fountain  

Anyone can do a chocolate fountain, but it takes a special couple to provide wedding guests with a flowing source of bubbly champagne. Provide small glasses that guests can hold under the stream anytime they are feeling the need to celebrate. 

Vintage Tableware

A vintage themed wedding can be beautiful and sophisticated. Take your theme a step further by serving guests on antique tableware. Old fashioned plates, teacups and flatware will help transport guests to another time. 

Human Table

One trendy and very unique rental idea is a living table, a table with an actor attached that is decorated to fit your wedding style. The table walks around the room at your reception or cocktail hour offering guests appetizers and finger foods. 

These strolling tables have been featured on wedding television shows like "Platinum Weddings" and "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?".

Arcade Games

Crank up the fun at your reception by entertaining your guests with old fashioned arcade games. Rent pinball machines, games from the 1980's and even dancing games. Your guests will party like they are teenagers again. 

The Cake

You don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get one of those spectacular, personalized wedding cakes. Treat yourself to a rental cake as big and showy as you can imagine. It won't actually be a cake, but it will look fantastic in pictures. Use the fake cake as a beautiful decoration, and serve wedding guests a delicious sheet cake. That way you can have your wedding cake and eat it, too. 

Pub Hub Beer Dispenser

These cool gadgets look a little bit like a refrigerator, but they are made to dispense ice cold beer. This rental lets guests help themselves to a variety of beers that you have chosen specifically for your special day. 

Your wedding day is your chance of a lifetime to show friends and family an amazing time while you present yourselves to the world as a newly married couple. Fun wedding party rentals can make the occasion even more special.