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Don't Be A Bling-A-Ling: Selecting The Right Jewelry For Your Special Gal

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The time has come for you to buy the special woman in your life a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Weather this is your first time buying fine jewelry or you are an experienced bauble buyer, you might think you've got jewelry shopping in the proverbial bag. But do you really? Can you be sure that the pieces you've had your eye on are what she will be genuinely excited to wear? How can you be sure to buy her fine jewelry she will truly love?

Buy for her, not for you

That advice sounds ridiculous. Of course you aren't buying it for you. She's the one who will wear it. But think for a minute. Are you eyeing pieces that you like or pieces that she will like? Just because you think it will look good on her doesn't mean you should buy it. She won't love it if it's not her style. Also, bigger isn't always better. It's tempting to show off your love for her with a large jewel, but if she isn't a gal who loves big gems, that large stone is more about you than her. Keep her in mind, first and foremost.

Think of sentimental value

Buying something with some emotional connection will likely mean more to her than size or sparkle. Did you meet in a coffee shop? Buy her a bracelet with a coffee cup charm. Do you love her green eyes? Buy her something with emeralds or jade because the colors remind you of her. Did she just give birth to your child? Select something with your baby's birthstone in it. Considering history and meaning when you purchase fine jewelry will make your gift very special.

Shop with her...or her BFF

Of course you don't have to blow your gift giving cover, but if you want to get a good idea of what she likes, watch her shop. Linger in front of jewelry store windows and see what she gravitates to, returning later to purchase it. Better yet, enlist her best friend, sister or mother to shop with her and report back what she likes. That way you will know exactly what she loves without tipping your hand at all.

Look in her jewelry box and at her

Take a peek inside her jewelry box. Notice any patterns? Does she have a lot of yellow gold or more silver? Are her earrings studs or does she seem to have more hoops and dangles? What pieces have you seen her wear more than others? 

Take a look at her daily wear. What do you see? Do you notice lots of bangle bracelets that clang together all day long or is she more of a simple tennis bracelet type of gal? Does she seem to prefer long, bold necklaces or shorter, more delicate chains? Considering what she already loves to wear will help direct you to what she will love.

Buying beautiful jewelry for the gorgeous woman in your life is a sweet and loving gesture. With these tips you are sure to select a piece that she will adore and wear with pride.