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Choosing a Wedding Gift for the Couple Who Already Have a Home

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Shopping for a wedding present can be easy when the couple is just starting out. The typical blender, toaster, or cold hard cash are always appreciated. Buying for newlyweds that already have an established home can be much more difficult. You want to give them something they will use and appreciate (and not sell on eBay). Here are some unique wedding gift ideas for that couple who already live together and have everything they need.

1. Lessons

Every couple could use some quality time together. Give them lessons for something they both enjoy or have an interest in learning, like ballroom dancing, cooking, or skiing. Learning together will give them the opportunity to invest in their marriage and grow closer together.

2. Of The Month Club Membership

There are of the month clubs for just about anything. From bacon to wine to organic fruit, there is bound to be something that interests your couple. Just make sure to choose a subscription that they will both enjoy. With this present, they can look forward to getting a gift from you every month for their first year of marriage.

3. Engraved Gift

Engraving something that they will use on a daily basis is a great way to remind them of their wedding day. Engraved knives, for instance, can be both classy and useful. You can purchase a new quality set for them, or have their knives secretly engraved while they are on their honeymoon.

4. Personalized Item

Sure, they may already own a frying pan, but do they have one in the shape of the state they were married in? Buy them a unique version of an everyday item that will remind them of their happy wedding days. Other ideas include heart-shaped coffee mugs, his and hers wine glasses, or a personalized wedding bowl. Just make sure to take their personalities into consideration so that the gift is tasteful and not tacky.

5. An Experience

Giving the newlywed couple an adventure can give them memories for a lifetime. With a little questioning, you can choose something that they have always wanted to do. Maybe it's skydiving, a hot air balloon ride, para-sailing, zorbing, or, if they are not so adventurous, a trip to the spa. Whatever the experience, it is sure to foster the bond between them.

6. Art

They may not need more kitchen utensils or bathroom accessories, but a tasteful piece of art could be just the thing to brighten their home together. The next time you're on an outing together, take a little detour into the local art store. Get an idea for their sense of taste then go back on your own to purchase their favorite item. Alternatively, you can have a piece of art custom made just for them that commemorates their wedding day.

Finding a unique gift that the newlyweds will appreciate will take some research and planning. Consider their interests and don't be afraid to ask questions. Getting them the perfect gift will let them know how much you care and can give them memories that will last a lifetime.