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4 Perfect Gifts For Teenage Boys

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If you have recently tried gift shopping for a teenage boy, you know how difficult it can be. Sure, you can give them cash or gift cards, but there's nothing fun or personal about that. And you probably don't want to encourage hours spent in front of a TV or computer screen with video games. Here are four gifts that just about any male teen would love.

Mobile Accessories

Most teens live for their mobile devices, so accessories for a cell phone or tablet are always welcome. A personalized tablet case makes a thoughtful gift, and a charging station can help corral all those cords and adapters.

Mini speakers are another great accessory. There are some with big sound that are smaller than a soup can and can be strung together to create more volume. Others operate wirelessly, so they can be spread around a room for a total musical environment.

If you have a little more money to spend, a smart watch is a hot new timepiece that allows the wearer to pair with a mobile phone, for things like workout programs and checking text messages with a flip of the wrist.

Guitar Lessons

The recent popularity of rock video games shows that most teens love the guitar. If you have a young music lover in your life, how about guitar lessons as a special gift?

Sign your young man up for individual or group lessons (friends might want to go too), and rent a guitar until you see if he likes it. If he leans towards electric guitars, there are some great mini amps that can fit on a bookshelf while still offering full-size sound. These small amps allow for easy travel to a friend's house or dorm room.

A nice guitar pick is a good go-to gift, or you could even give him a pick punch, which turns old credit cards and ID passes into guitar picks.

Car Kit

Is your teen getting his first car? If so, consider getting him a car kit. Some elements you could include are:

  • flashlight
  • jumper cables
  • tire gauge
  • GPS unit
  • travel mug
  • roadside assistance membership
  • cleaning supplies or car wash vouchers

Map of the World

If you have a global traveler in your midst, he might like a map of the world. A poster-sized version is fine, but why not go big and give him a wall-sized map for his room?

Add pins, flags, or stickers so he can mark off where he's been, and maybe throw in a few guide books to his top dream destinations. It will inspire him to make his travel fantasies a reality!

Shopping for teenage guys can be tough, but one of these four gifts is sure to please. You'll know it's really appreciated if you get a phone call, a guitar serenade, a lift to the store, or a postcard from some exotic locale!