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Wobble And A Wag: A Brief Look At The Nodding Dog

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If you are looking for a unique item to celebrate your dog or a loved one's dog, consider ordering a nodding dog. A nodding dog is a bobblehead doll that has an endearing wiggly head. If this all sounds like a bunch of gibberish, keep reading. You are sure to fall in love.

A Brief History of the Bobblehead Doll

The very first mention of a wobble-headed doll occurred in an 1842 novel written by Russian author Nikolai Gogol. In his book, he referenced head-wagging plaster cat statues--bobbleheads!

In the decades following, bobbleheads began cropping up all over the world. The first mainstream American bobbleheads, appearing in the 1950s and 1960s, are thought to be caricature renditions of popular professional baseball players. The bobblehead doll concept really saw an increase in popularity during the 1970s and 1980s, but by the turn of the century, its role as a kitschy fad item seemed over.

Bobbleheads are once again rearing their wobbly heads, emulating pop culture and sports icons. The industry has reinvented itself nicely and now offers not only mainstream bobbleheads, but also custom-made dolls.

Allure of the Nodding Dog

The nodding dog is one of the most well-loved bobblehead designs of all time. Especially during the '70s and '80s, these little creatures graced the dashboards and peeked out the rear windows of vehicles all across the United States. Whether you love them or hate them, nodding dogs have a solid place in American nostalgia.

Nodding dogs are a testament to America's love affair with man's best friend. Some of the most popular original nodding dogs bobbled as Chihuahuas, Bulldogs, Beagles, and Dalmatians. During the height of the bobblehead craze, these were also among the most popular dog breeds in America. Thus, it only makes sense that these breeds were also well-represented as bobbleheads.

The Modern Nodding Dog

Nodding dogs are still the fanciful car accessories that they used to be, but you have so many more options available today. Bobblehead manufacturers recognize that people are very sentimental about their pooches; as a result, they are creating nodding dogs in a wide variety of dog breeds.

What if you own a mixed breed? Finding a nodding dog in a breed similar to yours is a decent option, but not the most satisfying. If you submit a photograph of your pet to a custom bobblehead doll manufacturer, you can special-order a rendition of your dog. You will pay a little extra for the special attention, but still walk away with a reasonably-priced collectible.

Regardless of whether you are seeking out a nodding dog for yourself or a loved one, a custom-made one or a mass-produced one, the nodding dog is a unique, nostalgic, thoughtful item. Nodding dogs represent the past as well as the present, and serve as symbols of America's close relationship with dogs.