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5 Benefits Of E-Cigarettes Over Traditional Cigarettes

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As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity, more people than ever are making the big switch from traditional cigarettes. In fact, according to Fortune Magazine, the electronic cigarettes industry is going to continue to expand by almost 25% every single year for the next several years. This growth has been caused in large part by consumers realizing electronic cigarettes have clear benefits over their traditional counterparts. Here are five of the main benefits of switching to e-cigarettes.

No Unappealing Odor

One of the main things non-smokers complain about when it comes to being around smokers is the strong, unpleasant odor. Unlike old school cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not have an unappealing smell. The vapor emitted from the electronic cigarettes is either odorless or pleasant and fruit-like, depending on the type of vapor chosen.

Can Smoke Even When Traditional Cigarettes are Not Allowed

No smoking laws have become much more widespread in recent years, with smoking banned at restaurants, bars, etc. in much of the country. While this is good for public health, it's bad for smokers who find themselves craving a smoke in situations where this is not allowed. Electronic cigarettes can be great in this way because no smoking rules and laws do not typically apply to them.  

No Second-hand Smoke

Many smokers deal with guilt from causing second-hand smoke as well as the associated health risks. Luckily, electronic cigarettes do not cause second hand smoke, so you can enjoy them around non-smokers and even children guilt-free.

Can Be Healthier

Everyone knows that smoking traditional cigarettes can be dismal for your health, with links to everything from lung cancer to heart disease. E-cigarettes do contain some unhealthy substances, however, they contain way less toxic substances than traditional cigarettes, making them a healthier alternative for those who already smoke. In fact, a 2013 study found that e-cigarettes contained as much as 450 times lower toxins than conventional cigarettes.

Saves You Money

Electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper than a traditional smoking habit. In fact, smoking traditional cigarettes gets more expensive all the time. On average, people who smoke traditional cigarettes spend a whopping 14% of their income on cigarettes. Vaping cartridges can be reused many times and last much longer than cigarettes, lowering the cost by quite a lot.

When you make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you can enjoy many of the things you like about smoking while also experiencing these cool benefits. Contact a local provider, like Vapoligy, with further questions.