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4 Silver Coins Every New Collector Should Own

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If you are interested in collecting silver coins, then you might find yourself puzzling over where to start. There have been many beautiful silver coins minted. However, some of them are very pricey and beyond the scope of the novice coin collectors budget. However, there are many amazing coins that you well within a modest budget.

Wartime Silver Nickels

These are amazing coins because they are so rich in history. They look much like other Jefferson nickels, only they contain silver. The coins were minted during World War II, specifically the years 1942–1945. The reason these coins were made using silver was that nickel was important for the war effort. Silver, on the other hand, was not used in military applications although the coins were not completely silver.

The Mercury Dime

The mercury dime was the dime made before the current Roosevelt dime. It features a portrait of the god Mercury. This is a nice dime to have in your collection for a few reasons. First off, it is great example of the Roman images that used to be popular on United States coinage. This sort of design is no longer popular, so a beautiful Mercury dime would be a great way to display this. Secondly, there are many examples that can be found in great condition for less than one hundred dollars.

The Barber Quarter

The Barber coins are extremely popular. The designer, Charles Barber, designed the image for the dime, quarter, and the fifty-cent piece. They all featured the same image, that of Liberty. The coins are considered to be one of the finest examples of a unified design.

While it would be nice to own an example of every Barber coin, the quarter is a great place to start. They are very affordable if you are willing to buy one in good or fair condition.

The Peace Dollar

After the Morgan dollar came the Peace dollar. This coin was not minted for a very long time, but it holds a very special place in United States coinage history. It holds the designation of being the last coin to ever be minted in silver.

For this reason alone you should have one in your collection. The coin is also extremely beautiful. The front has a portrait of Liberty and the reverse has an olive branch. The image was meant to symbolize peace in the aftermath of World War II. To start your collection, visit shops that sell silver coins.