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The Elements Of A Perfect Desk At Work

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If you're like many people in America, you sit at a desk all day for work. Your desk space may leave something to be desired. But a standard issue cubicle just doesn't inspire you to do your best work. Here are a few elements of a great desk space that you can incorporate into your own space. 


If you work in a room full of cubicles, you may not have a choice in where you sit. However, try to snag a cubicle by a window if possible. Especially in the winter, you may spend your entire day sitting indoors without much sun exposure. Sit by a window to increase your vitamin D levels (which can make you happier and in turn, more productive) and maintain good sleep. 

If you have your own office, move the desk away from the wall. Position it so you face the door. In feng shui principles, this is a position of power and can make you more confident and productive. 

Familiar Faces

Physical pictures don't show up in our lives as often thanks to social media and smartphones. Make the effort to print out pictures of loved ones and place them on your desk. You'll be able to glance at them during a lull or when you're feeling especially drained. These pictures can give you a mind break and some perspective in the middle of a busy work day. 


You may not put much thought into the chair at your desk. After all, it's company-provided and expectedly mediocre. But if you sit at your desk for almost your entire shift, you should invest in a high quality chair that will support your back and make you more comfortable. Or at the very least, find the most comfortable chair in the office and switch out your old one. Make sure your seat is at a level that allows your feet to rest perfectly on the ground. You want the center of your monitor to rest at eye level, so adjust the chair height accordingly. 


Your job may require creativity -- or worse, drain it. To boost creativity throughout your day, bring the color green into your desk space. Hang decorations on your cork board that feature green, bring in a green potted plant, buy a green chair blanket for cold days, or get a green mouse pad. Besides added creativity, the extra green at your desk will remind you of nature and bring a calming influence to your work life. 

Stylish Office Supplies

You need a variety of office supplies to get work done, so why not make them beautiful? Instead of using standard supplies provided by your company, bring in your own. You can find beautiful staplers, paper trays, paper clips, thumb tacks, and pen holders in boutiques or online. These supplies can be cute, fun, wacky or debonair. And they'll make your desk space feel more personalized. 

Add these features to your desk space to create a welcoming and inspiring space to help you work better. Contact a company like for more help.