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5 Ways To Decorate With Glass Christmas Ornaments

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For some home decorators, Christmas ornaments aren't something that comes out just once a year. With a little bit of creativity, you can take those colorful glass designs off the tree and keep the beauty going throughout your entire house.

Flower Arrangements

Find a large glass vase and collect the items you want in the arrangement. It's usually best to stick with similar colors, so if you're going with blue flowers, choose blue accessories and ornaments. Choose greenery that you like and that works well with the flowers and other items. Place dampened floral foam in the bottom of the vase and trim the flowers to different heights. Place the flowers, greenery, and ornaments in the vase by tucking the ornaments in around the stems and flowers. It's okay to keep the arrangement below the level of the vase. In fact, it gives the entire piece a terrarium feel.


Collect the ornaments that you like the most and find an old box without a lid. Decide if you want to paint your container. For a rustic feeling, paint the container and then use steel wool or even sandpaper to rough up the new paint a bit. Arrange the ornaments inside the container and set it in the center of your table.

Liven Up an Old Cake Stand

Look for a vintage cake stand or tiered dessert tray. If you find a metal one, make sure it's polished until it shines and has no more tarnish. Collect other items that match the season or the rest of your decor and arrange the items in and among the Christmas ornaments. You can switch out the ornaments and accessories seasonally or leave them in place to match your regular color scheme.

Dress Up Decorative Kitchen Items

Find a porcelain muffin tin in a color scheme that you love. Put plain paper cupcake liners in the muffin tin and then put a single larger ornament in each cavity. Place your "ornament cupcakes" in a prominent location in the dining or living room. For other types of bakeware, pile ornaments high in the center and wrap garland or decorative pearls around the edge.

Top Your Candlesticks

Choose a variety of candlesticks in different heights. Polish them until they shine. Place a single large ornament upside down in the top of each one. This way the loop of the ornament is hidden and the candlestick supports the ornament safely. Cluster the candlesticks together to make a stunning piece or separate them to create a unified look around the room.

No matter how you use them, glass Christmas ornaments aren't just for the tree anymore. Find some unique ornaments to add to your collection and get creative in how you use them.