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4 Next-Level Stocking Stuffers for the Drummer in Your Life

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If you know a drummer, you've likely seen them try desperately to figure out what to do with the new pairs of sticks they have every year around the beginning of January. In order to avoid this scenario and get them something truly useful and valuable, here are four things any discerning drummer would love to see in their stocking this holiday season. 

A Practice Pad

Few things are more annoying about playing the drums than trying to practice late at night without waking the neighbors or heading down to the basement to nail that last fill that's been bugging them. The simple solution is what many drumline members use: a simple practice pad usually made from wood and rubber that's meant to make the stick bounce off as if hitting a real drum, minus all the noise and size of a full drum kit. These pads are an awesome way for all drummers to practice their technique and can make a huge difference very quickly, especially for experienced drummers looking to get more precision in their playing. 

A New Snare

While an entire new snare drum might be hard to pull off as a gift, an accessory that is always welcome is the snare itself, which is responsible for the characteristic harsh sound of the snare drum. The wires on these attachments are always popping off, so having an extra one around for when the snare on a kit finally goes is always a nice security measure, especially if the drummer in your life plays live shows often. 

Drumming Gloves

If you're buying for a drummer in a fast-paced band, you've likely seen their blister-covered hands after a gig or practice sessions. While chalk can help with this issue, nothing can beat a solid, thick pair of drumming gloves. Some drummers have signature models, but others simply use baseball batting gloves, which offer the same protection, more or less. 

Various Hardware

If you've noticed new cymbals or toms lying around your friend or family member's drum kit, then the issue might be not having enough hardware to mount everything at once. Cymbal stands and mounting hardware can help with this issue instantly. Another piece of hardware that comes in handy for any drummer is a drum key, which has a tendency to get lost very easily at shows and even in the basement or practice space. 

To find these items and more for your drumming friend, contact a company or pawn shop that sells musical instruments and equipment.