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Shopping In A Vape Store: What You Will Find There

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Since vaping, or e-cig "smoking," has emerged as a means to control one's cigarette habit, it has also become trendy to open vape stores. If you are not familiar or have never been, you might be surprised by a lot of what you see when you shop a vape store for the first time. Here are some things you will probably see that may surprise you, but rest assured, they are not illegal to purchase or own as a partaker of all things vape.


Hookah pipes, which typically were used to smoke opium and marijuana, are now part of the vaping and e-cig culture. They have been redesigned and adapted so that the e-cig oil goes inside the hookah where the illegal drugs once did. The use of a hookah for vaping is so trendy and trending that some people even host "vaping parties" where guests sit around a hookah and take turns inhaling the e-cig juice as it is vaporized by the heated hookah coals.

Wall-to-Wall E-Cig "Juice" and Cartridges

Think of a vape shop as a modern tobacco shop. Where there were once several shelves lined with cigarettes, loose tobacco and cigars, there are now cannisters of e-cig "juice" and e-cig cartridges pre-loaded with so many flavors of vapor that even the fancy flavored tobaccos cannot compete. If you trade your tobacco products for vape smoke, you will have so many choices and products to try that you may not know where to start.

E-Cig Accessories

E-cigs are electrically charged cigarettes. They rely on a charging unit that plugs into the wall. You may have dozens of cartridges to vape, but most starter kits only come with one e-cig and a single charger. Also, the charger is meant for your wall outlets at home, so if you want something else, say a charger for your car, that is part of the innumerable e-cig accessories found in a vape shop.

Fellow Vapers Behind the Counter

Last but not least, people who usually vape are the same ones who get a job in vape shops so that they can see any and all new e-cig flavors and brands coming in, as well as advancements in e-cig technology. If you are new to vaping, the fellow vaper behind the counter is exactly who you need to talk to. He or she can recommend products to try, as well as the occasional opportunity to sample an e-cig flavor. There is a whole new culture out there surrounding e-cigs and vaping, and you can get in touch with the participants through fellow vapers in a vape store like Planet Of The Vapes.