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Why Your Medical Practice Could Use An Indoor Water Fountain

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When you run a busy medical practice, you should always consider the impact of investments you make for your office before you buy. What you invest in should bring value, beauty, and even comfort to your staff and patients, as a medical office needs to maintain a certain atmosphere and appearance for everyday relations. So whether you're updating your interior or want to bring a simple change with something new, you may want to consider investing in an indoor water fountain for your medical practice. 

So Many Options To Update

Indoor water fountains range from desk top to entire wall units, and they not only can instantly update your interior, but they'll be a valuable aesthetic asset for your office that almost anyone can appreciate. Though indoor fountains once stood at inches high, and often only available in tabletop versions, you can now find a range of indoor fountains that are as wide and tall as a wall, with backings that come in everything from clear to natural materials.

Floor or wall-mounted fountains include a variety of framing options, like stainless steel, copper, brass, and bronze, with face options that can be either natural stone or artisan-inspired, like etched glass or copper patina. If you're updating your office interior, an investment in an indoor fountain may also be considered a business expense that's tax deductible, especially if it includes commercial information about your practice on the face of it.

If you're remodeling your medical office or want to make a dramatic impact on your existing interior, you may want to try adding an extra level of sophistication and value with a new indoor fountain.

For Both Your Patients and Staff

The soothing sound of cascading water coupled with decor to match your interior office is a great way to make an impact on new patients, and it's a nice way to create an atmosphere that your returning ones and staff will both enjoy. Just as the soothing sound of water has been recorded over and over again for use in meditative and sleep-inducing products, the sound of a tranquil fountain may offer your patients a way to relax when they're in a situation that can sometimes cause nervousness or stress. Though you can invest in a large wall or floor-mounted fountain at entryways and reception areas for maximum impact, including even smaller tabletop or wall-mounted versions, for smaller spaces, can be just as impacting to your office.