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3 Ways To Stock Your Child's Play Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

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If you have purchased the perfectwooden play kitchen for your little one, you might be looking forward to stocking it with all sorts of goodies to make imaginative play fun. However, the cost of buying pretend food and miniature pots and pans can be surprisingly expensive. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can stock your little one's play kitchen without breaking the bank, so try these tips if you want both your little one and your bank account to be happy.

1. Hit the Dollar Store

Many dollar stores feature items that you can use to stock your child's play kitchen. You may be able to find cheaper deals on accessories that are designed specifically for play kitchens if you check out the toy aisle. You can also find small, inexpensive pots and pans, small cutting boards, measuring cups and other affordable kitchen accessories for real kitchens that could be used in your child's play kitchen. The quality might not be on par with what you would want to use in your own kitchen, but it should be just fine for playing and will even look and feel more realistic.

2. Look Around Your Own Kitchen

Take a look around your own kitchen for items that you don't use but that would be safe for your little one's play kitchen. Old pots and pans that you no longer use but that are small and light in weight can work. You can even use empty plastic food boxes and other food containers after carefully cleaning them. It's a great way to clean up your own kitchen while stocking your little one's play kitchen at the same time.

3. Head to a Thrift Shop

If you head to a thrift shop -- or check out a yard sale -- you might find play kitchen accessories for rock-bottom prices. Plus, this is yet another great place to look for affordable, "real" kitchen stuff that is clean and safe enough for your little one to play pretend with. Just make sure that you carefully inspect these items and clean them if necessary. Along with looking for plastic bowls, pots and pans and non-sharp kitchen utensils, this is also a good place to pick up colorful kitchen towels and even cookbooks.

As you can see, you do not have to pay higher prices on children's play kitchen accessories if you don't want to. Instead, you can stock your little one's pretend kitchen just fine while saving money by following these simple tips.