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Tips For Selecting And Caring For Your Comforter

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When you splurge on king size comforter sets, you want to make sure they will last. The following tips can help you get the most life from your new comforter by helping you through the selection and care process

Tip #1: Check the Construction

A quality comforter will have reinforced seams around the edges. You shouldn't notice any snags or pulls around any of the stitching on the comforter. Rub the fabric between your fingers – it should feel thick and sturdy. You shouldn't be able to see through it. The stuffing of he comforter should be evenly distributed throughout so that there are no major lumps. There should also be sufficient topstitching and quilting to hold the stuffing in place so it doesn't shift.

Tip #2: Get a Cover

A duvet cover can extend the life of your comforter. Some king size comforters already come with a removable cover because this makes it easier to wash them. If yours doesn't, pick up a cover or two. Those with zipper closures are easier to put on, but you can also find velcro, button, or tie closures. If you have young children in the bed, a waterproof cover is a good idea to protect the comforter from night time accidents. These go on beneath the fabric cover. Another benefit of a cover is that you can quickly change the look of your comforter to match your bedroom décor.

Tip #3: Wash Wisely

It can be difficult to wash a king size comforter in a smaller home washing machine. It is also hard on the comforter to wash it too often. If you use covers, you can easily wash these in your home machine every week. Then, you will only need to wash the comforter once or twice a year.

To do so, take the comforter to a laundry mat that has industrial size washers and wash it per the manufacturer's instructions. You will also need to use the larger driers at the laundry mat to ensure it is dry, also per manufacturer's instructions. If you can't find the label, washing in warm water with a gentle detergent is suitable for most comforters, including down. You can then dry the comforter in dryer with a couple of dryer balls added to help fluff it up so the stuffing dries evenly. Once home, either place it back on your bed, or fold it loosely and store it in a cloth sack to protect it from dust.