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Decorating Your Bathroom: What's Hot And Trendy

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Whether you're decorating your first home, updating your current design or dressing up your apartment bathroom, the online bath and shower shopping marketplace is full of wonderful new trends this year. The selection is large and diverse, so it won't be hard to find something that suits your personality.

Color trends

According to one major paint manufacturer, white is the color of the year, which is good news for all you apartment dwellers stuck with white walls. Layering whites will be big, so think of using different white tones such as clean white walls with oyster shell, alabaster or cream white towels and accessories, or mix as many different whites as you want. Just be sure to keep the grey-whites and the brown-whites apart, because they clash terribly. Other colors that are hot this year are

  • Lilacs and purples
  • Milky blues
  • Dark teals
  • Neutral walls with jewel tone accessories
  • Bold greens

Now To That Sink

Statement bathroom mirrors are in, so haunt your local thrift or antique stores to find one that is simply perfect. Sink cabinets that resemble chests-of-drawers are in while pedestal sinks are out. In fact, some homeowners are finding antique or vintage chests and converting them to hide their pedestal sinks. Trough sinks are also popular, but may not stand the test of time like other options, unless your entire home is rustic country decor.

Jazz Up The Shower

Shower curtains are a long way from those frilly ruffled monstrosities of the past. Today's curtains are sleek and simple with bold horizontal stripes, funky prints or nature scenes.. If you want your curtain to make a statement, they are available with inspirational quotes or just fun sayings. Step out of the shower onto a soft, round bath mat with a funky, artistic or floral design.

Stainless Steel is Shiny and New

Stainless steel and aluminum are the hot new look for bathroom accessories, so check out some shiny steel shower hooks and caddies, vanity accessories or towel rods. If you have room, a stainless steel towel cart or simple bath tower can add brightness and sparkle as well as storage space.

Soft Mood Lighting is The Goal

A somewhat odd trend for 2016 is square-shaped lighting fixtures. There is a strong move more towards ambience and creating a mood than ultra-brightness. Pendant lights over the vanity are also in vogue this year.

You have to decorate your bathroom according to your own style, but if you're looking for something trendy or want to go in a totally different direction, this year offers some interesting options. Online shopping sites are filled to the brim with beautiful new ideas and items, so there is sure to be something that fits your personality.