Shopping For Custom Creations Online: How To Make It Work

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Don't Be A Bling-A-Ling: Selecting The Right Jewelry For Your Special Gal

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The time has come for you to buy the special woman in your life a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Weather this is your first time buying fine jewelry or you are an experienced bauble buyer, you might think you’ve got jewelry shopping in the proverbial bag. But do you really? Can you be sure that the pieces you’ve had your eye on are what she will be genuinely excited to wear? Read More»

3 Tips For Selling Coins To A Dealer

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If you have gold or silver coins at home that you think might be valuable, you may be able to earn a decent profit for them. Before you do so, you should learn more about selling them to a dealer. Not only is researching the dealer important, but also knowing more about the coins and their value. Here are some tips for selling your coins to a dealer. Know the Dealer Read More»

Creative Ways To Propose With A Diamond Ring

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If you are going to propose to your significant other, you may want to do so in a creative way that creates an extra-memorable moment for the two of you. This article is full of some creative ways you can ask your loved one to marry you. If you’re ready to pop the big question, consider one of the ways offered below: Go on a tour of your past – One creative way to propose is to take your partner on a date that involves revisiting important places in your relationship. Read More»

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Flame Resistant Work Clothing

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While there are many hazards in the workplace that are completely outside of your control, there are measures you can take to reduce the chance that you will sustain a work-related injury.  One such step includes wearing flame resistant clothing while you perform your duties.  Flame resistant clothing materials such as modacrylic and wool are designed to quench flames so that if any sparks should happen to touch your clothes, the material will not encourage the spread of the fire. Read More»

Making Your Proposal Memorable

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You’ve met that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re sure they feel the same way about you. You think it’s time to start thinking about popping the big question. Of course, you want it to be a memorable occasion that will be remembered for years to come. A little planning ahead will go a long way towards making your proposal special. Public or private? Read More»