Shopping For Custom Creations Online: How To Make It Work

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Decorating Your Bathroom: What's Hot And Trendy

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Whether you’re decorating your first home, updating your current design or dressing up your apartment bathroom, the online bath and shower shopping marketplace is full of wonderful new trends this year. The selection is large and diverse, so it won’t be hard to find something that suits your personality. Color trends According to one major paint manufacturer, white is the color of the year, which is good news for all you apartment dwellers stuck with white walls. Read More»

Tabletop Water Fountain Maintenance: Top Tips

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Tabletop water fountains are a great way to enjoy a visually appealing water feature as you relax in your home. You can purchase one at a home and garden shop or, if you’re feeling creative, make your own. The fountain is certain to give you many years of enjoyment as long as it’s well maintained. This article offers some key tips for maintaining these intriguing decorative objects properly.   Algae  One issue with tabletop water fountains is the growth of algae because algae inevitably forms in water as long as it has access to sunlight as well. Read More»

Tips For Selecting And Caring For Your Comforter

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When you splurge on king size comforter sets, you want to make sure they will last. The following tips can help you get the most life from your new comforter by helping you through the selection and care process Tip #1: Check the Construction A quality comforter will have reinforced seams around the edges. You shouldn’t notice any snags or pulls around any of the stitching on the comforter. Rub the fabric between your fingers – it should feel thick and sturdy. Read More»